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In the Mountaineers’ language, the ski terrain in Gulmarg is referred to as "complex high alpine terrain." It is therefore important that the guests can assess the dangers on the mountain and are able to react correctly and efficiently in an accident!

A good training in the avalanche danger assessment and in the search and rescue methodology are mandatory in Gulmarg for both guests with a guide as well as for guests who are skiing independently!

  • Gulmarg Avalanche Training - Focus and Sequence

    In the avalanche courses of "FSH - The Gulmarg Snow Experts," the guests are provided necessary skills to assess the risks before each freeride run or ski tour and react correctly in case of an avalanche.

    After an avalanche, the first 15 minutes are decisive. In our courses we focus, therefore, on ensuring that the participants are able to master the avalanche beacon and can efficiently engage with the shovel and the probe.

    Even more important, however, are the skills of conscious risk management so that we never get into a critical situation!!

    The courses start at 09.00h and last 5 hours per day.

Day 1 “Avalanche Search and Rescue Techniques”
  • Theory on how to behave in an avalanche incident
  • Explanation and demonstration of search and rescue techniques
  • Field exercises for beacon, shovel and probe usage
  • Reading and interpreting the avalanche bulletin correctly
  • Methods to manage the rescue zone
Day 2 “Danger Assessment and 3x3 Risk Management”
  • Theory on avalanche building factors
  • Introduction into the 3x3 risk management system
  • Exercise to evaluate the snowpack
  • Execution and interpretation of snow stability tests
Course Management
  • Chris Werren, Ski Instructor/Mountain Guide
  • Decades of experience in guiding and running freeriding programs worldwide, including over 10 years in the Himalayas
  • Trained avalanche specialist, educated at the WSL – Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos/Switzerland
  • Avalanches affect everybody on the mountains! Without the right gear, adequate training, the ability to read and understand the avalanche bulletin and the capabilities to evaluate the terrain and to assess the risks we stay on the groomed slopes! More about the subject in this video:

    Know Before You Go from Trent Meisenheimer on Vimeo.

Travel - Flights - Visa!

Normally the participants book their flights independently and also take care of their visa application. Upon request we can of course arrange for the flight tickets through our partner travel agency. Flight tickets from Europe to Delhi and Srinagar are available at starting prices of approx. CHF 900 (ca. EUR 600)

For the domestic flights from Delhi to Srinagar we recommend Jet Airways who also take off directly from the international "Terminal 3".

IMPORTANT: For flights with other domestic airlines the minimal transfer time between the international airport "Terminal 3" and the domestic airport "Terminal 1" for guaranteed connecting flights is 3 hours.

To visit India a visa is needed. The respective information and application forms can be downloaded from the Indian Embassy website in the respective country of residence.

For more information or a reservation you can either contact us by email to: fsh@freeskihimalaya.comor by calling the following number:+41-79-589-92-70

Gulmarg Avalanche Accident
Rate - Dates - Participants
  • Price per person and day = CHF 150
  • Dates: 24.01.2018 - 08.03.2018, Wednesday + Thursday
  • Number of participants: min. 3 persons, max. 10 perons
  • Ski or snowboard equipment
  • Daypack with beacon, shovel, probe
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